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April 2023 In radio, things are always changing. That’s why broadcasters LOVE the business. No two days are the same. While this is a Mark & Dave site it’s just me now coming back here when I get misty-eyed about some of the best times I ever had on the air. Not just the Mark & Dave days, but every day I have had with just you on the other side of the microphone. You are what I will miss most now that I am evaluating the next chapter of my life. it will just have to take a bit. In the meantime, I’ll catch up with you at the end of Summer on the new NBA 2K24 video game, and at Blazers games staring in October! We will have lots to talk about. But one thing I know about this biz, expect the unexpected. A HUGE thanks to KEX for letting me say goodbye to you on the air that fateful April day. If you missed it, you can hear it here. Everyone at KEX from top to bottom let me say what I wanted, rather, NEEDED to say. Radio folk are not often afforded that privilege. Shows you what class my bosses had…or have…or, I guess “had” now that I don’t show up for work every day anymore. But they were great. The best. I will miss them too. And my coworkers. I can’t say enough about you. I’ll leave it at that, because if I think about you (and those who I have known through the years) I will cry. I will come back here again and again to remember Mark & Dave and all that was good about almost 30 years on the air in Portland. I hope you browse the site and share in some great memories of radio that made an impact in Portland, Oregon..