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DECEMBER, 2019 I miss my friend.
DECEMBER 2019 I appreciate that you stop by here to remember some very fun times. I renewed the domain for another few years today and I got misty. I came to the site to remember, just as you probably did, a great time in Portland radio. I am so glad you remember as I do. There will be many a tale to tell of Mark & Dave’s adventures and I will do it right here when the day comes I can share the stories -- in other words, when I have more time. And it’s coming. In the meantime, visit the Mark & Dave Facebook site for the latest on my personal challenges. It’s a good place for me to alert you when there is something “new” you should know. In the meantime, I appreciate that you support the style of radio we do from noon to three. One of the last of its kind. People ask me how long can we keep it going? My answer is “We’re closer to the end than the beginning.”