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Join the Mark & Dave Cult 2.0 We send emails when we have important insider news to share, or contests we want you to win. We never (NEVER) share email addresses with anyone. This list is kept entirely separate from our radio page, it is that important to us. Thanks for being part of the cult. NOW 17,000+ members strong!
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CULT FAQs What is the Mark & Dave Cult? It’s the EXCLUSIVE group of listeners who listen EVERY DAY from 3 to 6! Nervous about the word CULT? Mark & Dave like to point out the dictionary definition of the word: An exclusive group of persons sharing an esoteric, usually artistic or intellectual interest. How Do I Join? To join the Mark & Dave Cult, you must first agree to (Place one hand on your radio and say this out loud, please) “Listen to the Mark & Dave Show every weekday from 3 to 6pm on (revealed 10/21).” And, on the rare times when temptations take control and you are unable to listen to all three hours, you must look deep down into your heat and WISH that you could have listened -- it’s the Cult thing to do. Furthermore, you agree to support the Mark & Dave Show by encouraging all of your friends -- personal or social media -- and those you work with to listen to Hate Free Radio on the Mark & Dave Show. Welcome to the Cult.  Thank you for your support. Please fill out the form above. We will contact you within a few days with your exclusive Cult Number. It’s done manually by our staff (us). You’ll be on the Cult Communique mailing list. What Is The Cult Communique? Our newsletter where we spill the beans with exclusive insider information about what’s happening on the show, behind the scenes info on upcoming events or contests, things Cult Members want to know. How Did This Cult Thing Get Started Years ago a caller berated Mark & Dave calling their listeners a Cult. It was so over the top, others started calling wanting to be part of our hate-free club. We looked up the word Cult and found it wasn’t so bad, and started signing people up that afternoon. By the end of the show we had 440 “Cult Members.”  It’s grown to over 17,000 now. When I Sign Up, Will My Name and Address Remain Private? Absolutely.  As Cult Leaders we are very protective about our Cult Members privacy. Nothing gets past us. Which One Is Mark and Which One Is Dave? Easy. Mark is the ‘normal’ one.
NOTE: If you are just changing your address, please send email here with old and new address.
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